Monday, January 30, 2017

Missionary Broadcast, Changes to Schedule, Hard Appointments


Well this last week was pretty interesting. We had a missionary broadcast that talked about some things that we had heard about before. They also announced some changes to the missionary schedule. The changes have to deal with studies, pday and training and also allowing more flexibility to missions. So that was an interesting change. We will see what changes specifically they make to our mission. I know our mission president will be planning to change some things and make sure everything adapts to us. So we will see what things happen exactly.

Our last week was a little hard with appointments. My companion was sick a few days so that slowed us down. Then when we got out to work we weren't able to teach that many people. That wasn't so much fun. Still we are working hard. We did find a new who was a referral of a member and that person seemed very interested. He didn't attend but was very open. His uncle is a member of the church so we are hoping to help him out. No one attended church which was sad. Still we are working on it. We are hoping that one family can get married so that the wife can get baptized. She should have left to he coast by now and should get an important document for her marriage. Still we have to wait to see.W e do have a big hope for her.

I am getting along well with my companion. I am just trying to help that he can be a bit more obedient with the schedule and more diligent. It has been a little hard but I am working on it. I am hoping we can be diligent with contacts and helping people out. My companion is funny and we are trying to help everyone.he is very animated and encouraged to do the work. I think he just struggles to be completely obedient just do to previous companions. It isn't too bad it is just small things. We had interviews with our mission president last week as well and that was cool. Nothing too much. We are just trying to work so we can find news and get people to attend.

The changes that they announced also changed the key indicators that we focus on now. So that was a new change. We focus now on baptisms confirmations with a baptismal date that attended those that attended and new investigators.We will have to see how that works. That is everything form this week,
Stay safe love you all,
Elder Throop

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