Monday, January 9, 2017

Sick Companion, Raining A Lot is Hard on Shoes, Learning A Lot (But I think He's sounding Trunky Already)


Well that sounds like fun at home. I did realize one phone call left. I think the last one happens about 9 days before I go home which is crazy to think about. (*Mom's Note.  This was in response to my note to him that he has one more Skype Call with us on Mother's Day)  This week was interesting for us. my companion has been rather sick so the nurses had us go to the hospital to find out what was wrong and had him do a poop test. They found out that he has a bad bacteria which incidentally is the worse one you can get as it can cause many other problems. They have given him some medication so he is doing better. He has been having a hard time recently spiritually and with the work. He had some talks with our mission president and a few other people but now he has his focus and knows his purpose better. Yeah things are a lot calmer now. It has been raining pretty hard these last few days and my shoes really aren't helping anymore. Still I keep working and I am enjoying it. This last week went pretty great for us. We found some new investigators that actually seemed interested in hearing us. We still haven't had anyone attend yet which is disappointing. The hard part is finding news and getting people to attend. I am not sure what is causing that. Still we are working hard with that. This Sunday we receive changes and I expect that I will stay here but you never know. We don't know if anyone will get baptised soon but we are working hard. We have had more success and the ward does seem excited to help us out

My companion has progressed a lot in teaching and spanish which is great to see. He has learnt a lot and I am happy to see that progress. This week for pday we didn't really get to do anything too interesting as it is the last pday this change. I am just hoping we have a great week and that we can have success. I have learnt greatly here and it has been a great experience. I am not trying to think about home and I have enjoyed a lot here despite how hard it can be. I hope you have a great week and everything goes well.
Elder Throop

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